Creating new rhythms


We know it's easier said than done. The daily routines we set for ourselves in order to improve. Morning exercise, nightly reading, or writing at least one paragraph a day. Insert yours here. What's so special about routine? The word itself offers a dull, boring and monotonous rhythm for life, right? 


The power of routine.

It's amazing to see small and positive changes when implementing a new and intentional routine. By stretching everyday, and committing to finishing one of the many half-read books on my nightstand, I can handle daily stressors with more grace and I feel like I'm gaining value from brushing up on writing skills and theories. My book of choice these days, On Writing Well, by William Zinsser.


Find your rhythm.

For the sake of more accurate word choice, I've found that replacing the words "routine" or "habits" with a word like rhythm helps me remember that these newfound practices aren't just solvents. But rather steps into a new lifestyle. I needed to find rhythm. Or rather, I was seeking a new rhythm. 


Get started.

If you're also feeling the need to step into some new daily practices toward long-term growth, here's what I kept in mind: You're going to be bad at it, before you get good at it.

1. Write down your values.
I'm going to keep harping on values, because they're applicable and foundational to so many things in life. What do you care about? It's ok if they change, but you have to start somewhere. In this season for me, I wanted to dedicate more attention to health and craft. Hence the morning and nightly stretching and reading.

2. Make a plan.
Now that you've gotten down to some core intents and simple ways to honor those values, what are you going to do about it? Consider your lifestyle, schedule and start small. Maybe you can spend more than 30 minutes a day on a new rhythm. Maybe it's just five. Either is perfectly fine. Figure out what makes sense for you and begin.

3. Keep going.
Say it with me: I'm allowed to be bad at this. But I'm not ok with quitting. It's easy to get discouraged when I decide to skip reading or remember I forgot to stretch because I'm feeling achy and tired in the middle of the day. All I have to do is reset and keep going.


What are some new rhythms you've built into your life or plan on doing? Do you also see that  daily rhythms help you? Let me know.