Required Listening: Vol 02


Getting into a creative workflow, we believe, relies on equal parts of focus, a space that promotes inspiration, and the right use of sound.


Back at it again with a new productivity playlist. This week, we're inspired by the sounds of chillhop—a blend of instrumental jazz and hip-hop beats. All of which make for a focused and subtly energizing soundscape.



Required Listening: Vol 02


Tomorrow | Leavv

Relax Your Mind | Gonza

Soulful | L’Indécis

Snug | Aso

Spring in la Coruña | Ruck P

To Me | Chet Faker

Mangoes | DRWN.

Lisboa | Honeymunch

Cocktails | Limes

Somewhat | Mono:Massive

Sí | Psalm Trees, Delicasteez

Feelings Psalm Trees