Lessons from travel for the mundane days.


As I sit here and type this, on a Monday morning filled with endless espresso and the glaring screen, I've been daydreaming back to days of travel, exploration, and the excitement of something new.

And for those of us who don't have the luxury of hopping on a plane on a whim to satiate that wanderlust, I've compiled a few lessons I learned from my recent travels to Ireland to help inspire and motivate me to push through the humdrum.

1. Change your environment.

Travel is the epitome of changing your environment. But for the everyday, something as simple as rearranging your workspace or literally walking outside to get a fresh perspective can do the trick. I do it all. There's nothing like physically changing your surroundings to help you reset, refocus and get back to work anew.

2. Incorporate an aspect of travel into your routine.

As long as it's feasible, think about what attracts you most to experiencing a new place - for me it's observing other cultures, seeing the city and exploring new food and retail spaces. And those are simple things to do in your own town. I venture out to a new coffee shop, neighboring cities or make new recipes at home. 

3. Take some time to rest and observe.

There's something about travel that causes me to pause and really observe my life, habits and hopes for the future. Whenever I'm feeling lackluster, uninspired by work or my routines in general, it helps to find a quiet place and observe, write down what's working and what isn't. While it's usually sitting in a coffee shop or taking a drive around town, I doesn't hurt to think back to Dublin's charming city and the rolling green hills of southern Ireland.