The Value of a Brand Message Guide


Services related to copywriting, brand messages and voice & tone can quickly get convoluted.
That’s why a brand message guide offers clarity, strategy and alignment when it comes to your business’ written word and intended voice.

Who it’s for.

Meant to be an internal document, the brand message guide is for you and your team. If you’re writing content for your brand in any form, or you have a designated person who will, this guide will be your framework for creating copy and content.

How it’s used.

Think of this as your brand’s spoken style guide. In the same way a designer will create a brand guide for your visual identity, your brand message guide is a comprehensive document that you’ll use to ensure your content is aligned with a voice that your audience will connect with, you keep that audience and their needs in mind, and stay consistent with your brand’s identity.

What it contains.

We create our brand message guides custom for each of our clients. Depending on business needs and message pain points, our guides can include any and all of the below:

  • Brand Values Overview
    Uncovering and listing the values most important to your brand.

  • Target Audience Research
    Research findings of your audience’s demographics, behaviors and motivators.

  • Competitive Analysis
    Taking a good look at your competition, their offerings, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Brand Archetype
    We sift through the 12 Brand Archetypes to find a fitting type for your brand messaging.

  • Final Brand Name and Tagline
    If explored, we include your final brand name and tagline.

  • Voice & Tone Outline

    A breakdown of our recommendation for your brand’s voice that includes descriptors, what your voice sounds like, how it can fluctuate, and how not to sound in your writing.

  • Writing Principles
    Simple guidelines for writing that includes content goals and how to achieve them.

  • Grammar Usage
    We’ll give you direction on how to use the oxford comma, how to treat numbers like five or 100, and other helpful grammar and style tips.

Why it matters.

A brand message guide offers you clarity and direction. When we think of a well-designed brand, it’s memorable, trustworthy, consistent and effective. The same should go for a brand’s voice and content as well as its visuals, color, and imagery. A brand’s voice evokes emotion, can relate and reassure, and most importantly, share the right message to the right person in the right format.

We devote the first portion of all of our brand messaging projects to discovery and research. We sift through your challenges, your goals, your company’s personality and audience to create the makings of your brand message guide that will help you stay in alignment with your brand on all fronts.

We’ve seen our clients find confidence and peace of mind knowing they have a framework of not only what to say when it comes to their business, but how to say it. And we’re certain that strategic, honest, and clear messaging can help any business flourish.

Interested in gaining some clarity?

Our hour-long strategy session, Call to Intention, is open for spots through the month of February. If you’re interested in learning more about your brand’s messaging, want to know how to move forward without diving fully into our writing packages, book a call with us.

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