The List: August Edition


Introducing The List, a collection of monthly musings.


1. Hurry Slowly Podcast

If you agree that slowing down is underrated, give this podcast a listen. Hurry Slowly delves into the psychological side of work, productivity, creativity and the like, all with an undertone of intention and deliberation. I've been enjoying the insight and have been inspired by how other people view work, life and how to balance it all in ways that often go against what we've been taught.

2. Bonsai

There are plenty of business tools available for entrepreneurs, but I've found great value in Bonsai. This program allows me to view my projects, store client contacts, create proposals, contracts, invoices and receive payment, all in one place. It's made the administrative part of my business so effortless, and I hope for my clients as well. Plus, get two weeks free with the link above.

3. Girl in the Dark, a memoir

I've recently made a point to read more. And though I have plenty of unfinished books on my shelf, I saw this at my local bookstore and couldn't help but pick it up. It's about a woman in England who has been confined to a pitch black room due to hypersensitivity to light. Being a memoir, Girl in the Dark is a journey into the detail and perspective of one situation, but this is to a whole new level of isolation.

4. Anchor and Orbit's "The Guide to Achieving Your Goals"

This is something I'm most excited to start. Anchor and Orbit released a 50-page resource called The Guide to Achieving Your Goals that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs uncover their goals, ask tough questions and make a plan to creating a path to better work. Meander through their site and be prepared to be inspired.

5. The sauna

No, it's not a name for an obscure new speakeasy in town. I mean the actual sauna. I value maintaining a healthy lifestyle and while listening to the Health Problems episode of The Minimalists' podcast, I learned about the detoxifying and muscle recovery benefits of sweating. There's also something quite meditative to sitting in a heated room, sweating out toxins and helping your muscles recover. 

6. Apple Watch

I finally jumped on the bandwagon. Being aware and conscious of my daily activity, movement and heart rate during exercise has helped tremendously. Plus, though it might seem counterintuitive, it's allowed me to disconnect more. I've noticed that I scroll less, and am more in the moment because I know if a friend sends me a message or I get a phone call, I can quickly scan and get back to work or activity without the muscle memory of opening up a social media app.


What tools or other things have brought value to your life recently?
Let me know in the comments below.